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Discover New Recipes Using Pure Maple Syrup

Feeling inspired? Maple is unique, authentic, natural, delicious and a magic addition to your kitchen. Here are some warm weather recipes we think you’ll love.

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The Benefits of Pure Maple Syrup from Canada

Researchers in Québec and around the world are learning about it’s natural composition and potential benefits.

From Trees Not Factories

Unrefined and unprocessed, pure Canadian maple syrup is ideal for brunches, baking and barbecues, imparting the flavor of Canada’s iconic ingredient into a multitude of dishes, free from artificial additives or flavorings.

How it’s Made

The Four Classifications of Maple

Did you know there’s more to maple? Maple syrup is classified in to four classes based on color and flavor profile. Discover the differences!

Discover Maple Products

Maple comes in a surprising range of products, with a variety of textures and applications. Discover your new favorite way to maple!

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