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A Whole Host of Fine Local Products featuring Maple from Québec.

People have lived among maple trees for centuries so it is natural that human imagination and creativity have come into play with these delicious gifts from Nature. Candies, chocolates, pastries, and ice creams are now joined by mapleflavoured coffees and teas, nuts and popcorn, on to vinaigrettes, mustards, jams and jellies. The delicate taste of the forest goes so well in salads, marinades, terrines, and fine cheeses.

Maple Vinegars

Maple vinegar derives from the process of the mother of fermented sap or by adding a neutral alcohol or white wine vinegar and aromatic compounds to maple syrup, in the same way as any other acetic acid.

Depending on their character, maple vinegars have a subtle or pronounced flavor. Milder, darker maple vinegars are fine for vinaigrettes, chilled sauces,
and mayonnaises.

Maple vinegar is also used to perk up an omelette, deglaze calf’s liver, or prepare the traditional recipe of chicken in vinegar from Lyon. It also serves as a good substitute for lemon in confectionery.

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Maple Sugar

Pure granulated maple sugar can have the texture of table sugar, icing sugar or superfine sugar. It can be used everywhere that recipes call for sugar or brown sugar.

Maple Spirits

Made by fermenting maple water or blending maple into a liquor, these spirits are great for sipping or cooking. Try maple vodka, maple brandy, maple port, maple cream and more.

Maple Syrup

There are four classifications of maple syrup, graded according to color and taste.