Environmental Benefits

How Quebec Maple Syrup Supports Healthy, Sustainable Food Systems

Healthy, sustainable food systems provide nutrient-rich, affordable, and culturally acceptable foods to all, while reducing the environmental impacts of bringing food to our tables.1,2

Maple syrup is a distinctive product of Quebec, Canada. Its producers help preserve the history and tradition of Quebec’s maple production while caring for the forests year-after-year.


Quebec maple forests shelter trees and biodiversity, store carbon, and provide valuable ecosystem services.


Maple syrup production supports local livelihoods while meeting growing global demand.


Maple syrup is a culturally iconic food enjoyed by millions of households globally in a variety of dishes.


100% pure maple syrup is a source of a number of vitamins and minerals and when consumed in moderation, can be part of a healthy, sustainable diet.


Ecosystem Benefits of Quebec’s Maple Forests

From regulating the climate to providing valuable forest products, Quebec’s maple forests provide often overlooked ecosystem benefits.3


Climate Control
Air Quality
Erosion Control
Biological Control
Water Quality
Water Supply


Maple Sap
Other Forest Products


Aesthetic Values
Cultural Values


Maple trees currently used for maple production produce $1.6 billion CAD of ecosystem services each year but if all maple forests in Quebec were used in maple production, they would generate at least $11.9 billion CAD in total value per year.3
When you use
1 tsp. of a Maple
instead of 1 tsp. of
another sweetener
each day for a year...
you put 1 maple tree
into production – and
under protection.4

Protecting Biodiversity through Habitat Preservation

hectares of land are
protected through maple
forests in Quebec.5
Canadian maple forests provide a home for a variety of species through protected habitat, supporting rich biodiversity for years to come.
threatened, vulnerable and likely to be designated as threatened or vulnerable wildlife species can potentially be found in Canadian maple forests.3
threatened, vulnerable and likely to be designated as threatened or vulnerable plant species can potentially be found in Canadian maple forests.3


The amount of carbon absorbed and stored in Quebec’s maple-producing forests is equivalent to the quantity of emissions from…
Gallons of Gasoline
Consumed/Year 6
Vehicles/Year 3
Maple forests in Quebec are an important source of carbon storage, helping to reduce global climate change.
Quebec’s maple syrup-producing forests store 744,000 metric tons of carbon each year — that’s over 11 times more carbon than the maple syrup production process releases.3,7


Local Businesses, Global Impact

Canadian maple production is supporting local economies, while meeting growing global demand for maple syrup.
full-time equivalent
jobs created.9
of maple syrup
production worldwide.9
of Canada’s domestic
production is in Quebec.8
Quebec maple industry’s contribution to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2022.8,9
pounds of maple syrup produced in 2022.8*
more taps needed by 2080 to meet global demand.10 Quebec has 178M potential taps available for future production.3
*average of the last five years


Past and Present:
A Key Part of Canada’s Culture and Community

From “sugar season” to artisan practices shared across generations, maple production is deeply ingrained in Canada’s culture, supporting recreation, education, and heritage.11


Sugar Party
Cabin Meal
Visit to Sugar Shack(s)


Sugar Season
Multi-Generational Maple Producers


Artisan Production Practices
Sugar Apprentices

Versatile, Rich Flavor Enjoyed Across the Globe

With its rich flavor, pure maple syrup can be used in both sweet and savory culinary applications in many types of cuisines, or as a replacement for other sweeteners.12,13

Quebec maple syrup’s unique flavor is part of diets in households across the globe14


Straight from the Source and Provides Beneficial Nutrients

Maple syrup is derived directly from the maple tree’s sap and provides beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Excellent source

of Manganese and Riboflavin (B2).15
Manganese is a factor in energy metabolism.15

Good source

of Copper.15
Copper is a factor in the maintenance of good health.15


of Calcium.15
Calcium contributes to the formation of the structures of bones and teeth.15
Riboflavin is a factor in energy metabolism and tissue formation.15
bioactive phytochemicals with potential health benefits.16
maple leaf
Quebec Maple Syrup Producers invests in nutrition research to explore new uses and expand the knowledge base of nutritional benefits from pure maple syrup.
invested in nutrition research annually.

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