Hard Maple Sugar

The Magic Touch

Traditionally known as country sugar, homemade sugar, or sap sugar, Hard (or Block) Maple Sugar is ready for wherever your creativity takes it.

Those who know and love it grate hard maple sugar on their toast, pancakes, and French toast. Add a subtle touch to your desserts or meat and poultry dishes with a light sprinkling of this long- (if little-) known secret. It’s magic!

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Maple Water

Maple water is delicious just as it is, but it also blends beautifully with fruit. No surprise, then, that more and more maple water-based drinks with fruit flavors like cranberry, blueberry and lemon are hitting the market.

Maple Sugar

Pure granulated maple sugar can have the texture of table sugar, icing sugar or superfine sugar. It can be used everywhere that recipes call for sugar or brown sugar.

Maple Taffy

Maple taffy is made by boiling maple syrup to concentrate it. During sugaring season the hot taffy is poured over snow to cool it and voilà! It’s ready to eat!