The color and taste of pure maple syrup varies during the sugaring-off season.  Natural flavors are influenced by natural factors.  Early on, the syrup is usually clear with a slightly sweet taste.  Later in the season, the syrup becomes darker and more caramelized.  Maple syrup is classified based on its color and flavor, allowing foodies and cooks to make their choice based on their intended use.

The grading system for maple syrup includes four grades:

  • Golden Delicate Taste: This syrup comes from sap harvested at the very beginning of the sugaring-off season. It’s distinguished by its light golden hue and sweet, delicate flavor.  It’s a delicious topping for yogurt and ice cream.
  • Amber Rich Taste: This syrup has a pure, rich taste and an attractive amber color. It’s ideal as an ingredient in vinaigrettes and all sorts of dishes and desserts.
  • Dark Robust Taste: This syrup, with its more pronounced, caramelized flavor, is well-suited for cooking, baking and sauces. It’s celebrated for the way it enhances the taste of fruity dishes.
  • Very Dark, Strong Taste: This syrup is the product of maple sap harvested at the end of the sugaring-off season.  Its flavor, more pronounced than any of the previously listed syrups, is rich and distinctive.  It colors and perfumes sauces and glazes to perfection.

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